About Us

About Us

The origin story for Blast...

I know it's hard to believe, but there was a dark age in Braintree before Blast Music and Comics. I'm not exactly sure what people did for entertainment. People were condemned to sit inside and bottle up their their opinions on the Marvel universe or the authenticity of Seasick Steve. All I know is i'm glad we're now here. A local Record-come-comic shop, here to ease the burden of being a geek. I'm not saying that we technically qualify as a local amenity, like a hospital or fire station,... but we should.

Anyway, I digress. Something you may not know about Blast is that we've been around longer than you'd think. In smaller locations, on a smaller scale, for a while we served only a dedicated few. Now at our '78 Highstreet' location we cater for a wide range of audiophiles and comic buffs on multiple floors. We're on our third location now and coming up to our first anniversary in our most expansive location yet.  Before we blow out the candles, it's time to reminisce.